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Job Openings

Job Openings



Full Time - Training & Compliance Coordinator



Assist the Director of Operations & Safety with Department duties and responsibilities, through effective organization, coordination, communication and training skills.

The Training & Compliance Coordinator will be required to perform duties at Lehigh Valley International Airport, Queen City Airport and Braden Airpark.  The main functions of the position are to ensure that safety and compliance requirements under the ABE Airport Certification Manual (ACM) are being met, support the development and implementation of ABE’s Safety Management System (SMS), ensure that LNAA procedures, practices and activities are in accordance with relevant Federal & State airport licensing requirements and FAA and PENNDOT Bureau of Aviation publications (mandatory and advisory), and review changes in documentation to ensure compliance is maintained by revising procedures.

Ensure compliance with FAR Part 139, FAR Part 77 and NFPA standards by maintaining the Airport Certification Manual and its associated exhibits such as; the Airport Emergency Plan, Wildlife Hazard Management Plan and Snow & Ice Control Plan, Hazardous Materials, Standards for Fuel Storage, Handling & Dispensing; coordinating and administering changes in operational policies and procedures with the Operations & Maintenance Manager; conducting mandated Part 139 training and corresponding hands-on training to Operations Officers and related personnel; coordinating Airport inspections with federal & state officials, administering corrections and maintaining associated written correspondence.

Review the Monthly Traffic Report to confirm correct formatting and mathematical accuracy;

Administer & maintain the Airport Noise & Operations Monitoring System as appropriate; Field noise complaints from residents & provide effective customer service oriented correspondence, consistent with the LNAA Mission, Vision, Values and Goals.

Review, interpret and implement Federal and State aviation regulations and policies (Advisory Circulars, CertAlerts, FAA Orders, etc.); Disseminate Advisory Circular updates & regulatory changes to personnel with pertinent responsibilities.  Assist in administering Letters of Agreement (LOAs) with the FAA offices, including ATCT.

Maintain the Airport Signage & Marking Plan drawings for FAA approval and perform airfield signage & marking audits, work with Maintenance (union) personnel to ensure installation of signs and application of pavement markings are in accordance with the Plan and applicable standards & Advisory Circulars.

Monitor safe vehicle operations on movement and non-movement areas.  Assist in conducting ramp security patrol and proper access control.

Assist with the review of Construction Safety Phasing Plans, particularly such details regarding safety and certification; Coordinates Operations Officers’ input for airport construction and maintenance projects.

Maintain the Rules & Regulations documents for all LNAA facilities; evaluate and make recommendations to changes in policy to ensure employee and airport user safety; Monitor adherence to Rules and Regulations to help ensure compliance.

Conduct airspace studies and provide any written correspondence to maintain compliance with FAR Part 77 and related airport imaginary surfaces. Coordinate obstruction removal projects to ensure safe and efficient use of airspace and NAVAIDS.

Identify and formulate comprehensive solutions & communicate safety, security and compliance issues to all levels.  Review facilities, vehicles and operations for compliance and accident prevention deficiencies, including but not limited to developing and implementing effective accident reduction measures.  Review reports of injuries and property damage to determine causes and prevent recurrences.

Develop policies, codes, safety standards and procedures, safety manuals, bulletins, brochures and presentations for Authority employees that become part of operational policies.  Conduct on-site safety audits and inspections to ensure a safe working environment and compliance with regulatory laws.  Implement and administer updates to the Computer Based Training curriculum to ensure consistency with current applicable regulations.

Provide assistance and leadership during on-site inspections/audits by governmental agencies.   Provide compliance oversight to all departments company-wide.  Continually monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of existing policies and procedures and recommend improvements to department management.

Develop and maintain strong business relationships with customers and necessary agencies.

Leads the development and maintenance of the Airport Certification Manual (ACM) and relevant operational safety instructions ensuring that at all times these align with prevailing performance standards in force and are reissued and published as required.

Monitor compliance with FAR Part 139 programs to include: airfield safety inspection reporting and recordkeeping; airfield signs, markings and lighting; airfield pavement management; NOTAMS; wildlife management; disabled aircraft recovery; Part 77 obstructions; aviation fueling inspections; airfield safety during construction; and annual FAA certification inspections.

Provides quality assurance for airport advisories, notifications and information that is disseminated by the Operations staff to airport tenants, stakeholders and government agencies to ensure compliance with local, state and federal regulations and documents pertaining to airport operations.  Reviews and provides input for new or revised documents.

Champion airside safety and compliance performance by articulating the airside safety vision, current performance and expectations across the entire airside community.  Responsible for providing guidance and direction for the planning, implementation and operation of the ABE’s Safety Programs, including Safety Management Systems (SMS). Evaluate and analyze airport operational procedures/issues and recommend, develop and implement effective solutions.

Ensure LNAA fuel storage facilities are in compliance with the PA Storage Tank and Spill Prevention Act including development of required training and operational standards, coordinating facility inspections and permitting.

Ensure airport policies, procedures, compliance and customer service are maintained. Document and analyze results and coordinate any needed corrective action to comply with the Airport Certification Manual (ACM) and 14 CFR Part 139 and applicable Advisory Circulars.

Ensure safety and security requirements are met for Authority facilities, including but not limited to; grounds, safety areas, runways, taxiways, fencing/gates, aircraft aprons, taxilanes and service roadways.

Ensure safety, security and efficiency of operations and expeditious flow of aircraft by occasionally monitoring airfield activities and providing escorts for persons using AOA or SIDA areas.  Administer air carrier gate assignments, including management of irregular operations and assign parking positions for all scheduled and unscheduled air carrier aircraft at gate positions and remote parking areas.

Implement wildlife control procedures and ensures compliance with the Airport’s approved Wildlife Hazard Management Plan and applicable Federal and State regulations by verifying performance of wildlife/animal patrols and perimeter fence/gate inspections to mitigate wildlife hazards to ensure a safe aviation environment.

Assist in verifying the integrity of the Airport security access points, through ensuring routine inspections and documentation of results, in order to maintain compliance with the Airport Security Plan (ASP), 49 CFR Part 1542 and 14 CFR Part 139.  Assist with the maintenance of the Airport Security Plan to ensure compliance with TSR Part 1542.

Respond to emergencies, assemble and report data and provide improvement strategies to department management.  Responsible for oversight of daily airport operations activities to ensure the Authority’s compliance with the Airport Certification Manual (ACM), Federal Aviation Administration Regulations 14 CFR Part 139 and 77, and Transportation Security Regulations 49 CFR Part 1542 standards, and applicable Authority rules and regulations.  Act as a point of contact for evaluating and addressing unusual airside issues when required and communicate impacts to affected departments and agencies.

During inclement weather, implements snow and ice control procedures and ensures compliance with the Authority’s Snow and Ice Control Plan for airside operations at ABE, XLL and N43.  Perform friction testing activities using an electronic decelerometer or CFME, assesses winter contaminants on airfield pavements, recommends snow and ice control methods, monitors pilot reports of braking action (PIREP’s) and generates and files Field Condition Reports.

Issue and file Notices to Airmen (NOTAMs) and update field condition reports on computer-based programs to report all conditions that impact the safe operations of aircraft at Authority Airports and ensure that they are promptly communicated to the FAA, air carriers and other airport users.

Coordinate special events while maintaining safety and efficiency of aircraft operations.  Facilitate aircraft operations during periods of airfield maintenance/construction, airline flight diversions, inclement weather/snow/ice or other unusual airfield activity.

Ensure tenant compliance by conducting training for airport safety and proper airport operations.  Document, analyze and coordinate any corrective actions needed.  Enforce Authority rules and regulations, the ACM and ASP; issue violation notices as appropriate.

Assist in issuing permits, licenses, airport badges and identification material in accordance with security standards or applicable Authority rules and regulations.

Ensure safe, secure, customer-focused airport operations by handling/investigating complaints or critical issues and providing the highest level of service.  Follow up with appropriate supervisors to ensure timely response to customers and work to solve customer requests and problems.

Serve as liaison to internal departments and outside agencies to ensure effective communications and use of facilities and services.  Maintain working relationships with users and tenants and ensure customers receive a high level of service.  Establish and maintain good working relationships with air carrier employees and agents.

Maintains records and operational logs; prepares reports and correspondence; may be assigned additional/collateral responsibility as Wildlife Hazard Program Manager; may be assigned additional/collateral responsibility for monitoring and inspecting air carrier refueling operations and procedures, especially during thunderstorm activity.

Must be prepared to represent the Department when called upon, in a variety of projects, programs and activities with air carriers, terminal tenants, consultants, maintenance staff, guards, inspectors, and representatives from other agencies;

Assist department management with the development and administration of the annual operating budget.  May be assigned additional duties in areas of staff scheduling, staff training, technical library maintenance, FAA and state airport certification, communications, facility construction/maintenance and building code standards and technology systems.

Respond to potential security breaches, aircraft incidents, accidents and emergencies.  During emergencies, coordinates airport activities with ARFF, police and other emergency personnel during incidents and while returning the airport to normal operation.  Respond as directed to all airport emergencies involving personal injuries or property damage and assist in the investigation by taking photographs and collecting data to minimize Authority loss and liability.

Participate in the development and implementation of an operation and emergency training plan.  Gather information, develop curriculum and associated training lessons, and implement training program, in collaboration with department management and other departments.

Conduct emergency and safety training through classroom training, table-top scenarios and real time exercises.  Provide technical counsel to department management for strategic and long-range regulatory preparedness planning and training.

Prepare operational reports and manuals for publication, for internal and external distribution.

Ensure compliance by all tenants and LNAA employees with the various airport emergency and compliance plans and directives.


Must maintain a valid driver's license, pass random drug screenings, pass background investigation (criminal and prior employment), pass Security Identification Display Area (SIDA) training and AOA driver training.  Must maintain and protect confidential, Sensitive Security Information (SSI) and safeguard information from disclosure.


Ability to learn and understand the practices and principles of airport administration, operations, safety and airfield maintenance, FAR Part 139, FAR Part 77, TSR Part 1542 and all other federal, state and local rules, regulations, standards and requirements governing air traffic, commercial and general aviation, airport safety and security, airport and movement area operating and maintenance standards, including the ability to pass and maintain SIDA and AOA driver training, all Operations Officer training and any other relevant training as directed.

Ability to make sound judgments in stressful and/or emergency situations.  Ability to analyze situations quickly and objectively to determine and implement a proper course of action.  Job requires being careful about detail and thorough in completing work tasks.  Ability to give full attention to what other people are saying and taking time to understand the points being made.  The ability to identify and understand the speech of another person and to listen to and understand information and ideas presented through spoken words and sentences.  Must exercise good judgment and confidentiality in maintaining critical and sensitive security information, documents and reports.  Must plan and organize work to meet changing priorities and deadlines.

Must possess good English language skills, including speaking, spelling, punctuation, grammar and construction.  Understand written sentences and paragraphs in work related documents and have the ability to communicate information and ideas in writing so others will understand.

Must have the ability to prepare and deliver effective reports, records and presentations, conduct classroom training, table-top scenarios and real-time emergency exercises in a group setting.  Must establish and maintain effective working relationships with airport tenants, employees, and the general public.  Proofreads, verifies and reviews paperwork for accuracy, completeness and conformance with established standards, regulations, policies and procedures.

Ability to plan, coordinate and direct the diverse activities required to maintain the proper standard of airport operations, to learn and understand the practices and principles of building, grounds and airfield facility inspections, as well as applicable building codes and requirements.

Ability to read and interpret documents, write routine memos and correspondence, speak effectively and demonstrate good human relation skills with co-workers and the public, both in person and on the phone.  Must possess basic mathematics ability and the ability to solve practical problems and deal with a variety of concrete variables in situations where only limited standardization exists.  Ability to interpret a variety of instructions provided in written, oral, diagram or schedule form.  Ability to establish priorities and manage time and workload effectively to meet deadlines under stressful working conditions.


Must be able to sit, stand, and walk; move legs, arms, wrists and fingers.  Must be able to descend to and ascend from a kneeling or crouched position.  Must have sufficient visual acuity, with or without corrective lenses to identify colors, read runway friction measurements; visually detect damage, deterioration or defects in airport and airfield structures, fixtures and furnishings which could potentially impact safe aircraft operations.  Visual acuity includes close, distance, peripheral, and change of focus and reading.  Must be able to fluently read, write and speak English.  Must have sufficient auditory ability, with or without audio logical devices, to decipher telephone communications, interact with the public and others, decipher radio communications, hear alarms, other warning signals and vehicle signals indicating backward or forward motion.

Must be able to operate a motorized vehicle and be able to access all areas of Authority facilities to conduct inspections and monitor operations.  Must be able to tolerate exposure to temperatures ranging from -20o F to 100oF; dirt, dust, pollen and other airborne particulates; and inclement weather conditions.  Must be able to tolerate exposure to airplane fuels, degreasers, de-icers and other chemicals commonly used in operating areas of airports.  This position may be subject to occasional exposure to blood borne pathogens and bodily fluids.  Must be able to tolerate exposure to noise levels up to 120 decibels and work in close proximity to 480 volt power sources.

The incumbent must be available for night, holiday, weekend, rotating or irregular shift assignments. Must be able to occasionally work rotating shifts to provide required coverage.


Work is performed indoors, generally in an office environment with standard office equipment available, however, also requires work in outdoor environments and in the Air Operations Areas of Authority-owned Airports which involves exposure to noise, chemicals and other contaminants, moving mechanical hazards and extremes of temperature and weather conditions.  Also includes frequent near vision use for required reading and computer use.  Work is typically sedentary in nature, but requires sitting, standing, walking and occasional bending, kneeling and lifting (overhead, waist level) from floor.

NOTICE:  This job description identifies the major responsibilities and expectations for performance.  It cannot encompass all specific job tasks that an employee may be required to perform.  Employees are required to follow any other job-related instructions & perform job-related duties as reasonably assigned by their supervisor. 

Job Details

Part Time - Parking Booth Attendant

SHIFT: Every other weekend, every other holiday. Available to fill-in as needed.


  • Responsible for courteous and efficient operations, ribbon replacement, resolve ticket/credit card jams and interact with customers
  • Resolve customer issues in a courteous and professional manner


  • High School Diploma/GED
  • Must be able to count money in American currency
  • Must have mathematical computation skills and skills in operating cash registers/adding machines
  • Must have excellent customer service/communication skills
  • Familiar with Lehigh Valley Area (Allentown, Bethlehem, Easton Area) in order to give customers accurate directions.
  • Must be able to work independently
  • Must successfully pass a pre-employment drug test participate in random drug testing program
  • Must successfully pass a 10 Criminal History Records Check

Job Details

Part Time - Material (Cargo) Handler

SHIFT: Must be flexible to work all days/shift including weekends and holidays

HOURLY WAGE:  Starting at $12/hour


  • Load and unload cargo planes with forklift and/or pallet jack, moving product in and out of the warehouse.
  • Move product to storage areas using the proper equipment.
  • Stack and store merchandise in the appropriate area according to established sequences and procedures.
  • Document all material transfers, shipments and movements electronically and/or on appropriate forms.
  • Ensure items are stored in an orderly and accessible manner.
  • Review orders for shipment and assemble the correct types of merchandise to be shipped.
  • Maintain cleanliness in assigned area.

Physical Requirements

  • Ability to frequently lift or move up to 70 pounds.
  • Attention to detail and accuracy
  • Ability to walk and stand for long periods of time
  • Must be able to work inside and outside in extreme temperatures.


Job Details

Part Time - Cargo Loader Operator

SHIFT: Must be flexible to work all days/shift including weekends and holidays

HOURLY WAGE:  Starting at $14/hour


  • Operates the equipped Aircraft Cargo Loader to load and unload cargo from aircraft.
  • Operators are responsible for ensuring the equipment is in good safe working condition and reporting any discrepancies to their supervisor

Physical Requirements

  • While operating a loader incumbent uses moderate physical effort in operating hand and foot controls while driving, turning, starting, and stopping the loader, and raising, lowering, and tilting loads being moved.
  • Must have good vision and hearing.
  • Must be able to work inside and outside in extreme temperatures.


Job Details

Part Time - Fork Lift Operator

SHIFT: Must be flexible to work all days/shift including weekends and holidays

HOURLY WAGE:  Starting at $14/hour


  • Operates the equipped industrial forklift to move materials at the airport and to load and unload trucks.
  • Operates the forklift to prepare shipments to be loaded on cargo aircraft.
  • Operators are responsible for ensuring the equipment is in good safe working condition and reporting any discrepancies to their supervisor.

Preferred Qualifications

  • Forklift Certification

Physical Requirements

  • While operating a forklift incumbent uses moderate physical effort in operating hand and foot controls while driving, turning, starting, and stopping the forklift, and raising, lowering, and tilting loads being moved.
  • Must have good vision and hearing.

Job Details

Full Time - Accountants Receivable Specialist

Status: 18 Week term starting in Sept (with potential to become permanent thereafter)

Shift: Monday-Friday; 8:00 am-4:30 pm

Summary: We are looking for a detail oriented individual with some college experience and at least one year of Accounts Receivable/Collection experience who will take full ownership of the A/R position.


  • Complies, enters, and maintains accounts receivable records by recording cash, checks, ACH payments and credit card transactions in the Sales module of Great Plains.
  • Follow up and collect past due payments and responds to customer inquiries.
  • Responsible for producing monthly Accounts Receivable statements, and closing Great Plains Sales module.
  • Prepares monthly account reconciliations in Excel.
  • Interacts in a professional and pleasant manner when dealing with customers, LNAA employees, and other stakeholders.
  • Accomplishes accounting and organizational mission by completing all other tasks and duties as assigned.

Job Details

Part Time - Custodian

SHIFT: Weekends Only – am and pm shifts. 20- 25 hours per week

PRIMARY DUTIES:   Heavy cleaning including operating floor scrubber and buffer.  Moving furniture.

Hiring preference will be given to bargaining unit employees in accordance with collective bargaining agreements.

Job Details

Part Time - Line Service Technician

Must be flexible to work all days/shift including weekends and holidays

Part-time / No paid benefits


Fueling, towing, cleaning of all aircraft.  Customer handling and on time flight movements in the safest and most efficient manner.  Check availability and service ability of all equipment and utilize to fullest capacity.  Report all instances of aircraft, ground equipment or other property damage.  Maintain grooming and uniform standards. Facility and ground maintenance.



One year related work experience


Must regularly stand, walk, sit, reach with hands and arms, climb, balance; stoop, kneel, crouch or crawl; and lift and/or move up to 70 pounds unassisted.  Vision abilities include close, distance, color, and peripheral vision, depth perception, and ability to adjust focus.  Employee regularly works near moving mechanical parts; may work outside under seasonal weather conditions.  Noise level is usually moderate to loud.  Hearing protection is mandatory.  Complete FAA security background investigation clearance, include finger printing and drug testing.  Complete all 139 training requirements

Job Details

Part Time - IT Programmer

PRIMARY DUTIES: Data base administration involving support of MS SQL Server databases. Tech support of SQL Server databases including troubleshooting, implementation of physical data base changes, performance tuning, capacity planning, monitor critical events, data base backups/restores and impact analysis. Will implement DB changes, analyze problems, determine root cause & implement corrective action. Monitor production databases, gather, analyze and execute action plan based on capacity planning data. Analyze/tune poor performing databases. Coordinate and perform data base migrations. Maintain database documentation.  Design and program database queries.  Design and program applications involving database queries.  Design and implement interfaces between databases and web applications.


Job Details

Full Time - Maintenance “A” Mechanic: Small Engine / Automotive Mechanic

STATUS: Full Time - Union, Non-Exempt.

PRIMARY DUTIES: Inspect, service, maintain, troubleshoot, diagnose and repair gas and diesel engine powered equipment including, but not limited to: lawn mowers, tractors, string trimmers, chain saws, hedge trimmers, generators, air compressors, vehicles and snow removal equipment.  Perform sharpening of mower and saw blades.  Perform routine inspections on all equipment to ensure equipment is in top working order and  record inspection and maintenance of equipment according to LNAA guidelines.  Perform snow removal and other duties as assigned.

Candidates must possess the necessary level of knowledge, skills and abilities either through education and/or experience; a minimum of five (5) years of related working experience.  Candidate must possess a working knowledge of safety practices and procedures to perform mechanical repairs.  Candidate must receive CDL Class “B” driver’s license and Commonwealth of PA Certified Inspection License within twelve (12) months of hire. Additional skills of welding and fabrication are preferred.

Hiring preference will be given to bargaining unit employees in accordance with collective bargaining agreements.

Job Details