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Take a look at some of the amenities we have in our terminals before boarding your flight.

Sensory Room

Lehigh Valley International Airport (ABE), in collaboration with the Arc of Lehigh and Northampton Counties have teamed-up to construct a “Sensory Room” – only the third airport in the world – for air travelers with autism and other intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Located in the Wiley Departure Building, the room is equipped with mondo flooring, low frequency lighting, mounted projector and other sensory equipment.

This project has been on the radar for several years, but received a significant boost from many sponsors that made this Sensory Room a reality. Lead Sponsors: Mass Mutual / Pennwood

Massage Chairs

Enjoy a massage while waiting for your flight. Four (4) massage chairs can be located in the airport – Level 1, Main Terminal and Wiley Departure Building.

Lehigh Valley Children’s Hospital Play Area

Lehigh Valley Children’s Hospital partnered with Lehigh Valley International Airport (LVIA) to create a special place for young children and their families to pass the time while waiting for their planes to depart. Older children can enjoy the tech bar, where they can charge their mobile devices before they board their flight in the Wiley Departure Building.

Mamava Lactation Station

Mamava lactation pod provides a comfortable, private breast- and bottle-feeding pump option for mothers and their young children. This pod helps make the world a friendlier place for women. No longer do women have to feel uncomfortable breast feeding or pumping in a public place with the help of our Mamava lactation pod located in the Wiley Departure Building.

Charging Stations


RCN partnered with Lehigh Valley International Airport (ABE) to provide two (2) charging stations for passengers in the Wiley Departure Building. This calming workplace environment is a great amenity to charge up electronics before boarding flights. Three (3) seats are located at each station with one (1) handicap section.

Water Bottle Refill & Dump Stations

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) liquids ban forces travelers to dump water/beverage(s) before passing through the screening checkpoint. By adding a dump station prior to the checkpoint (Level 1, Main Terminal) and refill stations beyond the checkpoint (Wiley Departure Buildings) passengers can hold onto their empty bottle/container(s) and have a convenient way to immediately refill at the gate area.

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