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Weather Alert! Check with your airline for any flight delays or cancellations. LNAA Committee meetings are also cancelled for Wednesday, March 21st.

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Onsite Event Request


Submit an Onsite Event Request

  • Lehigh Northampton Airport Authority - ABE, XLL, N43

    Instructions: Use this form to apply for a Lehigh Northampton Airport Authority Special Event Permit to sponsor and hold an event at ANY site or facility within the limits of airport property. THIS APPLICATION MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY A LETTER OF INTENT, AN EVENT SITE PLAN, SPECIAL CERTIFICATES OF INSURANCE, AND ANY OTHER PERTINENT INFORMATION OR DOCUMENTATION that describes the proposed event. Please attach these documents to this application prior to completing.
  • Applicant Information

  • Event Coordinator Information

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  • Proposed Event Information

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  • Applicant Authorization

    Event shall be held at no assumed expense to the Lehigh Northampton Airport Authority and the applicant agrees to reimburse said Authority for damage to property of the Authority. Applicant assumes any and all liabilities and further agrees to (1) Save harmless and indemnify the Airport Authority (2) Comply with all conditions under which a Special Event Permit is granted; (3) Pay the Authority any required fees within ten days of billing therefore.
  • *By electronically signing this form, you are acknowledging the information above and attached to be true to your best knowledge.