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Weather Alert! Check with your airline for any flight delays or cancellations. LNAA Committee meetings are also cancelled for Wednesday, March 21st.

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Parking Rates

Short Term
Long Term
* Rates are subject to change

Handicap Parking

Spaces are available in each lot.

Short-term Parking

Located adjacent to the terminal, is convenient and available for travelers with passenger pickups, departures and arrivals centralized all in one place.

Long-term Parking

Located next to the terminal, offers easy accessibility for travelers, unlike big city airports that rely on transportation via monorail or bus shuttle.

Cell Phone Waiting Area

Available to motorists picking up arriving passengers. They can wait free of charge at fifteen designated spaces for a recommended 30 minutes maximum. Once the arriving passenger reaches the curbside, a quick call on the cell phone will alert the waiting party and they can then proceed to the terminal curbside to pick up the traveler. The cell phone waiting area can be located by the yellow and black cell phone parking signs upon entering the airport. Drivers must remain in their vehicle at all times while waiting to pick up arriving passengers.

Terminal Pay Station

The option to pay in the Terminal is available for all LVIA parking lots. The Terminal Pay Station, located on the lower level of the main terminal, provides quick and easy access for payment of parking fees. Once payment is received, retrieve your parking ticket and receipt, collect your baggage and proceed to the “Paid in Terminal or Credit Card Exit Only” lanes. Credit card payments are also accepted in each exit lane marked “Paid in Terminal or Credit Card Exit Only.”