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Weather Alert! Check with your airline for any flight delays or cancellations. LNAA Committee meetings are also cancelled for Wednesday, March 21st.

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Amenities & Services



Tailwind Conference Room Rental

Courtesy Transportation

Crew Car

Flight Planning Center

Passenger Lobby

Pilot’s Lounge

U.S. Customs
997 Postal Road, Allentown, PA 18109
(610) 266-1042


Complementary Coffee, Ice and Papers

De-Icing (Type 1 & Type 4)

Full Service Fueling – Jet A & Avgas

Ground Handling

Lavatory Service

Quick-turn Services

On-site Maintenance

Potable Water

Reservation Center

Maintenance Services

LV Avionics

Phone: 610-264-1430


Scott Richards Aviation Maintenance

Phone: 610-264-1609
24H Emergency AOG: 570-386-3543